Setting up for success: how JobAccess supports graduates with disability to transition into employment

National data demonstrates that for both University and TAFE graduates, having a disability is correlated with a lower employment rate post-study. Several factors may be contributing to this gap, including the lack of knowledge or awareness of available supports for students with disability during the critical phase of applying for graduate roles and entering into employment.

The webinar features a special segment – “What happens if I tell you?” – where the Queensland Public Service Commission, Workforce Futures and Inclusion will share their perspective on interviewing, hiring and working with graduates with disability.

The webinar discuss:

  • Free supports and services available through JobAccess to assist graduates
  • Range of workplace adjustments and modifications that may be funded through the Employment Assistance Fund
  • Tips on how graduates with disability can apply for roles with inclusive employers and prepare for interviews
  • When to share information about disability with employers

Link to download the PowerPoint presentation (PPX)

Link to download the PowerPoint presentation (PDF)

If you would like to know more about the University Specialist Employment Partnership mentioned during this presentation, head to the website. 10 Universities have partnered with Disability Employment Services to provide specialist graduate support. USEP website


How work experience and AccessAbility Day can break down barriers to disability employment.

Disability Employment: Fear and uncertainty are some of the most common barriers preventing people with disability from getting work, with 37% of employers describing hiring people with disability as a ‘step into the unknown’, and half reporting they are not confident in their organisation’s ability to support people with disability.

Increasing an employer’s exposure to disability is a powerful way to build their confidence and ultimately break down these barriers – but how can we make this happen?

The webinar will:

  • explore practical strategies and learn how work experience can deliver a range of benefits for both people with disability and employers to improve disability employment opportunities
  • how you can get involved in AccessAbility Day 2019 to provide the opportunity for jobseekers with disability and employers to connect for a day and experience what each has to offer

Link to download the PowerPoint presentation (PDF)

Link to download poll results conducted during the webinar

Link to download webinar transcription

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WEBINAR: Get the right tools for employment success – the JobAccess Employer Toolkit

The recently-launched employer toolkit contains expert information, downloadable resources and real-life case studies on a wide range of topics, from developing inclusive policies and procedures and accessible recruitment to managing workplace modifications.

JobAccess will guide us through getting the most benefits from using this toolkit to achieve positive employment outcomes.  Covering topics such as:

    • Accessible employment:
    • Employer Toolkit
    • Putting it all into practice

Link to download the PowerPoint presentation (PDF)

Link to download webinar transcription


Evening Masterclass: MyPlus – Connecting students with disability to employers who value talent.

MyPlus Students’ Club exists to offer specialist careers advice to students who have a disability or long term health condition.

By working with top graduate recruiters and university services their sole intention is to help students with disability identify and realise new possibilities.

Join Helen Cooke, Director of MyPlus in the UK to learn about how MyPlus Student’s club coaches and supports graduates with disability into great careers, and connects students with some of the world’s best employers.

Covering topics such as:

  • Understanding the challenges faced by students with disabilities
  • Supporting students with disability through the recruitment process
  • Encouraging students to identify their ‘plus’
  • The MyPlus Students’ Club Toolkit

This webinar was facilitated by Debbie and David from the NDCO Program.



This webinar covered topics such as: strategies for supporting individuals on their transiton to employment, exploring ideas for workign with employers to think differently about their recrutiment process and the autism advantage.

Presented by Vicky from Specialisterne, hosted by David Jessica and Debbie from the NDCO Program.

Link to download the PowerPoint presentation (PDF)

Link to download the PowerPoint presentation (PPXT)


Webinar: JobAccess – How to Start the Conversation (working with employers)

This webinar highlights some skills and ideas for approaching employers as a professional supporting people with disability into work.  It also highlights the services that JobAccess provides for Australian businesses, people with disability, and employment services.

Hosted by David & Debbie from the NDCO Program, the guest is Daniel Valiente-Riedl, General Manager of JobAccess.

Link to download the powerpoint presentation – JobAccess – How to start the conversation (.PPTX)

Link to download the responses from questions not answered in session (.DOCX)



Webinar: JobAccess – helping drive disability employment

This website focuses on the supports available for people with disability to modify workplaces through the Employment Assistance Fund, how to access these supports, and how to best make use JobAccess as your partner to create disability confident and ready workplaces.

Guest speaker is Heather Hill, Client Support Manager at JobAccess – hosted by David and Debbie, from the NDCO Program.

Webinar is captioned and has AUSLAN video feed.

Link to download the powerpoint slides from this webinar (.PPTX)

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