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Graduate Employer Video ProjectThis project a collaboration of 5 NDCOs will raise graduate awareness on why graduate employers are looking for disability in the workplace. It will highlight equity practices, when it’s most beneficial to share personal information during the application or recruitment process and why, and what happens to all information. This resource will be rolled out prior to Graduate round March 2020
I am the expert of meThis project a collaboration of 7 NDCOs from all parts of Australia will provide the confidence to articulate one’s own strengths, abilities and needs when in tertiary education and employment. Phase 1 to be rolled out early 2020
Visualise your Future, Study and Work through Virtual Reality – WHAT DID WE DISCOVER?WHAT DID WE DISCOVER? Participants who experienced the virtual reality themes where encouraged to complete an anonymous feedback survey using a NDCO iPad. This was voluntary. Information obtained in the survey included: Where they attended the event What their current education and employment status was Whether they used virtual reality prior to this event How positive they felt towards their prospects regarding work options where they lived How positive they felt towards their prospects regarding study options where they lived If they were currently looking for work or study options If they found the virtual reality format to explore careers a positive platform Whether they believed virtual reality made looking at work or study options more interesting or engaging than brochures or the internet

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Visualise your Future, Study and Work through Virtual RealityThis project will raise aspirations and provide real guidance in employment and further education, increasing community engagement promoting economic participation. The use of virtual reality technology will be engaging and exciting providing a positive avenue to meaningful discussions with direct service linkages providing a holistic and personal approach. It is a collaborative project working closely with the local community and will provide an innovative, culturally appropriate and a fresh approach to engaging with a large audience that rarely has an opportunity to experience the reality of work or study to this degree. The project surrounds Olly, enVizion’s bus with embedded virtual reality technology and showcases 5 occupations including Mining, Agriculture, Health, Horticulture/Aquaponics, Construction and our NDCO created VR Life as a University Student. Local services and supports will complement the virtual reality bus by promoting jobs and courses and highlighting the wide range of services and supports they offer enabling everyone to establish a realistic plan to achieve career aspirations. It will be conducted in 15 communities; providing 448 participants the opportunity to participate in the virtual reality technology, the project will cover 3,405 km over 23 days. ‘This project received funding from the Commonwealth Government’.  Building Better Regions Fund – Community Stream

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Education Alliance QueenslandThe NDCO Education Alliance Queensland (EAQ) initiative will be rolling out across Queensland in the second half of this year. The initiative brings together all areas of education, further education, training and alternative learning in one space. This will create opportunities to discuss and share what works well, identified gaps and barriers and suggested solutions on how they can be addressed.

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Disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander AwarenessThis website was designed to strengthen current cultural awareness training provided to staff working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability.  It provides more depth and insight into strategies and knowledge designed to best engage with the culture and customs surrounding disability in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities.

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National WebinarsOur North & South QLD NDCO’s collaborate with colleagues around the country to bring webinars together that are free, and feature live AUSLAN and caption feeds.  The topics focus on access to education and employment for people with disability, and are designed and put together to enhance capacity for service providers.  Webinars have an audience cap of 500 people and are recorded.  You can sign up to receive invitations on our website’s front page.

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University Specialist Employment PartnershipsUSEP was started as a strategic project and trial to work with Disability Employment Services providers to build their skill and capacity to work at the graduate employment level.  University graduates with disability are an important part of the make-up of our future leaders, it’s important that access to graduate work is available on the same basis as it is to students without disability. Now running at 5 universities around Australia with Employment Services partners and other National Disability Coordination Officers, our NDCO’s continue to provide guidance and contribute to this project which has become a national collaborative effort to make an impact in this space.

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Virtual Reality Tour of UniversityThe virtual reality tour of university is a five minute experience showcasing the supports available for people with disability when getting started studying at University.  From the perspectives of 3 students with lived experience, the user gets a tour of James Cook University Cairns’ campus whilst learning about AccessAbility. It is free for groups to borrow.  We have two kits in Queensland.  If you would like this for a group or class as a part of exploring further study, please contact us.

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