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The NDCO Virtual Career Expo is an innovative Project to bring a simulated Career Expo experience to students, parents and teachers.  There may be occasions that attendance at a Career Expo is not possible – for parents this could be due to work commitments, for students this could be because of disability or remote location.

Students often fail to gain maximum benefit from attendance at career expos.  Sometimes, the excitement of the day overwhelms them and they fail to carefully think about what their post school options might be, who they should speak to and what questions they should ask.

NDCO’s in Regions 20 & 22 set about to provide a simulated Expo experience that would allow students, teachers and parents to prepare for attendance at a career expo, or to substitute for the lack of opportunity to attend a career expo and to be able to review the available options after attendance at a career expo.

To do this, NDCO’s surveyed expert providers in the areas of training, higher education, employment and apprenticeships and asked them to nominate the most important questions that students should be asking when they attend career expos.  After aggregating the responses from the expert providers, NDCO’s established the lists of top questions that students should ask providers in each area of training, higher education, employment and apprenticeships, the things they should know to successfully follow that career option.

NDCO’s then asked the expert providers to give concise, informative answers to those most important questions – the types of answers they would give to students who asked that question at a real career expo.  NDCO’s created short duration video responses to each of these questions using the answers provided by the career path experts.

The Virtual Career Expo is available in various formats – animated, non-animated and a quiz based version to suit the differing engagement styles of students.  Each option allows students, parents and teachers to find the career path, questions and answers that suit their goals or those of their student.  Each career path is backed up with a number of resources (Expo handouts) and links for further investigation.  There is extra information and resources for students with disability, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students, and students from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds.  Additional expo resources will continue to be added to the site and existing resources updated as changes occur.

The Virtual Career Expo is optimised for accessibility on all devices, making it convenient for use by individuals or in group or classroom situations.

A screen shot of the NDCO Virtual Expo website.  Shows an animated man standing in front of a real expo.

A screen shot of the NDCO Virtual Expo website.

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