How work experience and AccessAbility Day can break down barriers to disability employment.

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Disability Employment: Fear and uncertainty are some of the most common barriers preventing people with disability from getting work, with 37% of employers describing hiring people with disability as a ‘step into the unknown’, and half reporting they are not confident in their organisation’s ability to support people with disability.

Increasing an employer’s exposure to disability is a powerful way to build their confidence and ultimately break down these barriers – but how can we make this happen?

The webinar will:

  • explore practical strategies and learn how work experience can deliver a range of benefits for both people with disability and employers to improve disability employment opportunities
  • how you can get involved in AccessAbility Day 2019 to provide the opportunity for jobseekers with disability and employers to connect for a day and experience what each has to offer

Link to download the PowerPoint presentation (PDF)

Link to download poll results conducted during the webinar

Link to download webinar transcription

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